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Yearly Archives: 2010

BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Shilshole Bay Beach Club Wedding in Seattle, WA

Chricelle and Brian’s Seattle wedding was our first destination wedding of 2010. We had so much fun with both families. It was a wedding to remember.

Here’s my favorite image from Chricelle’s wedding…as she walks down the isle with her long veil behind her….a very dramatic entrance!

And below are from the next day post…enjoy!

Bride and Groom- Chricelle and Brian

We were so blessed with a gorgeous wedding day on Saturday for Chricelle’s wedding. I prayed for a whole day of sun and my prayers are answered…Thanks be to God! Chricelle and Brian both work at Boeing in Seattle where they met for the first time. This couple is a match made from heaven…they love to travel and they know how to live life. Wishing this beautiful couple a happy marriage and lots of cute kids…LOL

We started the shoot that day at Chricelle’s home in Olympia, WA. I took advantage of the gorgeous Asian decors around their home and incorporated that with her wedding pictures. Her mother insisted to make sure she gets ready at her house…one of the many Filipino wedding traditions. The venue for the wedding ceremony is in Seattle, which is about an hour and a half drive from Olympia. Thank God, the traffic was not as bad as we thought, so we got there just on time for the formal pictures.

Ceremony- Blessed Sacrament Church, Seattle, WA

This church is one of the best churches I’ve ever shot at. Talking about a combination of an antique-like church with modern architecture. Love the natural light inside this church. How I wish we have one of this back in the East Coast.

And the best part is, Father Jordan, who officiated the matrimony, was super nice to us…that’s always a plus when the priest is pretty cool with us  photographers. He even asked everyone to turn around and look above the choir loft for a staged picture. Thanks Father Jordan! Also, Jesson Mata, the music director/wedding coordinator was an awesome guide to us during the ceremony. He even helped me organized the formals after the mass.Ok, Jesson, next time I am back in Seattle for wedding you will be our coordinator.

Reception- Shilshole Bay Beach Club, Seattle, WA

Great venue with a nice view of the sunset.

Love the Asian furnitures and decors at Chricelle’s home. Most of these stuff were imported from the Philippines…gorgeous set-up, and might as well incorporate them into her wedding pictures.


Gorgeous bride in the making….


Mother and daughter before they left for the ceremony. Both of their dresses were made out of Pineapple fabric. They were custom-made and imported from the Philippines. Talk about an eco-friendly wedding dress. =)


I’ve seen a lot of pictures of the bride and groom infront of this church, and every time I see one, there’s always a uniqueness in each of them.


After the ceremony, I took Brian and Chricelle for a drive to Kerry Park, a park overlooking the cityscape of Seattle. For a gorgeous day like that, the park was crowded with tourists. But we tried to capture what we can as the bride and groom try to survive the heat of the sun.


And last but not least, they did a great choice for their reception venue – Shilshole Bay Beach Club, where the sunset view is amazing!


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Julia - We are so happy for you! Don't ever stop celebrating!July 1, 2010 - 7:10 pm

BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Hotel DuPont Wedding in Wilmington, Delaware

Love this “Beatles shot” with the groomsmen in remembrance of the 1969 Beatles crossing Abbey Road picture….And this made my top pick from Kirsten and Ryan’s wedding.

And here’s more from my post the day after their wedding day in June…

Bride and Groom- Kirsten and Ryan

I met Kirsten and Ryan back in 2009. Upon getting an inquiry from them about their date, my wife Bless and I drove up to Virginia, where the couple resides. We immediately clicked during our first meeting and right away I felt that I will be documenting their special day.

Their wedding ceremony was short but very solemn. Kirsten is Catholic and Ryan is Jewish, so they both have a Rabbi and a Catholic priest  officiating the matrimony. Father Larry Snyder, President of Catholic Charities USA, who is also Kirten’s boss did the Catholic blessing part while Rabbi Berris did the Jewish part.

Ceremony and Reception - Hotel Dupont, Wilmington, DE

I have to say, this place is absolutely amazing! Shooting here is like shooting inside a European’s so elegant and it’s so gorgeous. And the staff at Hotel Dupont did it again! They are the most friendly staff I’ve ever work with…most especially the wedding day coordinators. Kudos to you guys!

Florists- Belak Flowers, Wilmington, DE

They did an incredible job with Kirsten’s flowers! What’s more incredible are the centerpieces they set-up at the reception. If you are looking for elegance in your reception flowers, got to check out Belak Flowers of Wilmington.

Entertainment- JellyRoll Band

Kurt, president of this band, is a super nice guy, and he has the most amazing band out there! They basically sang old and new songs with superb performance. I felt like listening to the real Black Eyed Peas/ Micheal Jackson…etc  while they were singing. LOL

Videographer - Derek of Lavon Films

If you are looking for the cinematic style in videography, this is the guy to call. Check for your self his works on his website. Plus, he is a very nice guy too… =)

Here’s the card Ryan gave Kirsten on the morning of their wedding day. Just like a fairy tale come true…


Gorgeous Kirsten and her flowers…awesome arrangement by Barb of Belak Flowers of Wilmington.


Elegant setting for a fairy tale wedding…


On the morning of their wedding day, Ryan updates his FACEBOOK status…


Check out the European craftsmanship inside this ballroom….GORGEOUS! Shot by Bless.


Kirsten and Ryan, I wish you guys happiness in your marriage! WILL PRAY THAT YOU MAY BE BLESSED WITH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!


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BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Eden Palace Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

Here’s my favorite from Rebecca and Stuart’s Orthodox Jewish wedding. I love the energy this photo has during their traditional bridal wedding dance….

And below are more from my post right after their wedding day in June….

Bride and Groom – Rebecca and Stuart

First time I spoke with Rebecca, she expressed her interest in my work and my photography style. She said she needed a photojournalist to capture their wedding, which is going to be a Orthodox Jewish Wedding. Though I’ve shot lots of Jewish wedding before, this one is a very special Jewish wedding ceremony. I love photographing different cultures, and Rebecca’s wedding was so rich with traditional rituals. Thanks guys for trusting me in documenting your special day.

Ceremony and Reception- Eden Palace in Brooklyn, NY

It looks small from the inside, but this place is huge! It can hold more than 400-500 people. It’s perfect for a big an Orthodox Jewish wedding.

The ceremony began with the signing of the marriage contract called Ketubah. Then Stuart, the groom, with other Jewish men paraded their way to the bride, where the groom lifts the veil of his bride after looking at her face. This ceremony bears relevance to the Biblical story of Jacob who married the wrong woman as she covered her face with a veil.


Love this shot of this kid, who is just being kid, while waiting for the ceremony to begin.


And the dancing begins following the announcement of Rebecca and Stuart as husband and wife!



Shot between the railings of the stairs…


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BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Greate Bay Country Club Wedding, Somers Point, New Jersey

Here’s my favorite from Linda and Joe’s wedding…one of the best dip photos ever! Thanks Linda for making it happen. =)

And here’s more from my post, the day after their wedding last June…

Bride and Groom – Linda and Joe

It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The sun is out, and the breeze coming from the ocean is cool. Linda got emotional as she says her vows to her best friend, Joe. It was a pretty romantic wedding at the grounds of Greate Bay Country Club.

Ceremony and Reception - Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point, New Jersey

The staff and crew of Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point, New Jersey made Linda and Joe’s wedding worry-free. The place was nice and clean, and perfect for an elegant setting for a wedding.

Entertainment - Darryl Barnett of VIP Mobile Disc Jockeys (

Darryl and his team got the party going. I love the idea of his 2 flat screen TVs playing some MTV of the songs being played. It kept everyone entertained, while dancing.

Videographers - Kenneth Stillman Video

It was great working with these guys again. I worked with them with Suzanne’s wedding last year, and they work well with me. Their work is also pretty amazing! Thanks guys!

One of Linda’s best friends’ daughter was the flower girl at Saturday’s wedding. She is so fun to photograph!


“Rock on, I am getting married!”


As she says her vows, Linda can’t stop crying…tears of joy.


One of the best cake toppers I’ve ever seen! This really fits their lifestyle I guess….hehehehe…Linda works as a detective in New Jersey and Joe as a lawyer….reminds me of that movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


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BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – The Orion Palace Wedding, Brooklyn, New York

It’s not every day you can capture a wedding photo with New York’s naked cowboy.  And while shooting the bridal party photos for Leo and Ella’s wedding, we got really lucky bumping into him at Times Square. And that made my number one pick from their wedding images….

Below are more images I posted the day after their wedding…ENJOY!

Bride and Groom - Ella and Leo

It was a great wedding day! Though the weather forecast said storm and rain, it ended up to be a gorgeous day. So we took advantage of the sun out on Sunday and headed to Times Square on the Hummer limousine to shoot their bridal party photos. Everybody had a great time!

Ceremony and Reception – The Orion Palace in Brooklyn, NY

Very nice reception place in the heart of Brooklyn. The food was overwhelming and their sea food (particularly the lobsters) is the best!

The only thing is, they allow other photographers to take pictures of wedding guests at the entrance of their reception hall and sell the prints to them onsite, which strictly speaking is not allowable for every official wedding photographers out there. Photogs, what do you think?

Videographers – James and Frances of  James Jeon Films

James and Frances are also a husband and wife team, just like me and Bless. This couple is an amazing duo…they move fast and they are pretty talented. Check out their works by clicking on the link above.

Here are some images from Ella and Leo’s wedding last Sunday in New York -

Love Ella’s shoes!


Ella’s father (left) and the Rabbi pray for Ella as part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.



Got lucky with the weather especially with the storm forecasted on Sunday.


Always love it when the groom and the groom’s men do the JUMP!


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My number one pick from Kelly and Tim’s wedding is….

One of my favorite places at the Adventure Aquarium – The Shark Tunnel. It’s very tough to shoot though since it’s really dark, and using strobes is very tricky otherwise it will show lots of reflection on the thick glass.  Ummm, I wonder what those sharks were thinking while seeing the photographer shooting picture of the bride and groom under that thick glass – the only thing that separates the humans from the sharks. =)

Bride and Groom - Kelly and Tim

First time I met this couple, we hit it off right away. They booked me more than a year before their wedding and during their engagement shoot I was really impressed with this couple’s sweetness for each other and for their dog, who they treat like their own child. That’s why I made sure I got lots of pictures of their dog during the wedding…even though every time she sees my camera she gets so scared. hehehe

Ceremony – St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Marlton, NJ

Reception- Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Staff at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ are awesome! They were so helpful and made sure we got good access to the Shark Tunnel for pictures….one of my favorites! The food at the reception was also superb…good job guys for making Kelly’s wedding the best.

DJ and Entertainer – “The Dancing DJ”

Great DJ…he dances, he jumps around, and gets the party going…that’s what a DJ is supposed to be – the life of the party. This guy was really good! Here’s his number incase you want to check him out – (610) 265-1511


My wife Bless positioned herself on the choir loft where she captured this beautiful picture of Kelly walking down the aisle with her father.


Kelly’s dog is so cute…she’s just a little scared of my camera though, and I don’t understand why. =) So i shot this from far-away using a long lens.


This bridal party rocks!


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Colleen Hartnett - Ron, Everyone LOVES your gorgeous, imaginative 'sneak peak' photos & we can't wait to see the rest! Thank you & Blessy for doing such a wonderful job capturing Kelly & Tim's celebration! ColleenJune 22, 2010 - 12:47 am

BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Carriage House Wedding, Wilmington, DE

With only 60 guests, Michelle and Byron’s wedding maybe a small wedding, but it’s one of the most fun wedding I’ve ever shot. The couple are so relaxed on their wedding day. Both prepared at their beautiful home in Bear, DE with their four cats roaming around as they get dressed. It was so fun seeing this couple trying to hide form each other before their “first glimpse” moment – the first time Byron sees Michelle in her wedding dress. We did all the formals and their bride and groom portraits before the ceremony at Rockwood Park and Museum on a gorgeous Memorial Sunday. Ceremony was a mix of emotions and comedy, especially after Byron picked up Michelle on their first kiss as husband and wife. And last but not least, the party was a blast, and thanks to Don of D&J service, who got the crowd going!

Here’s my favorite from Michelle and Byron’s big day…

Michelle says goodbye to her babies before she left for the ceremony. One of the cats gets a little curious about  that gorgeous wedding dress….LOL

And enjoy more images from my post I made the day after their wedding…

Ceremony and Reception - Carriage House @ Rockwood Park and Museum in Wilmington, DE. This 150 estate is a perfect setting for a very romantic wedding on a warm Memorial day weekend. Here’s something about the place from their website:

“The mansion is a wonderful example of Rural Gothic architecture.  In the museum, you will find the rooms restored to the way they looked in 1895, the Gilded Age of the Victorian Era. The Museum reflects the way the Bringhurst Family, descendants of Shipley, lived in their early years at Rockwood.”

Caterers - The Greenery Caterers. One of the best caterers in Delaware! I love their watermelon designs at the cocktail hour…check out their website for their amazing menu. And not to mention their superb food. Great job guys at Michelle’s wedding!

DJ and Entertainment - Don of D&J DJ service. This guy is so fun. He works really well with other vendors and he gets the party going for the guests. Love his selections of music….Don is truly the life of the party.

Here are some images from yesterday’s wedding…

Michelle and her mom spend a laughing moment while putting on her dress. The wedding dress by the way was the original dress her mom wore on her wedding day.


Michelle and Byron have four lovely cats. And as they couple are getting ready for the wedding yesterday, these adorable cats get curious about all these wedding stuff laying around the house, including Michelle’s flower bouquet. Yummy!


Love these little cat figurines around their house…


What a gorgeous bride!


Mom can’t control the tears as her daughter says her vows to Byron.


Congrats to Michelle and Byron! I wish you guys a happy and blessed marriage! Have fun in Mexico!


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Joan ONeill - Ron these are great and I can't wait to see the full "reel." These cats will never be the same after all your complements. Byron's MomJune 1, 2010 - 12:45 am

BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Downtown Club Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

And on that Sunday, I shot Karen and Kevin’s wedding –  my third wedding that weekend…wow, I was not sure why even at the end of that weekend, I was still so fired up shooting. And no, I was not on steroids…LOL. Just doing what I love to do. =)

Here’s my favorite image from Karen’s wedding. It was when Kevin, the groom, broke down into tears, while saying his vows…..

And here’s more images from the post I made right after their wedding…enjoy!

Bride and Groom: Karen and Kevin

Ceremony and Reception: Downtown Club, Philadelphia, PA

Karen and Kevin’s wedding day was a day of miracle in terms of the weather. The forecast for that day the night before was STORM, and that was not looking good on Sunday morning, when it poured down rain minutes before we did our “bride and groom first glimpse” outside the Four Points Hotel in Philadelphia, where Karen was staying. Thanks to the staff of Four Points for letting us use their Penthouse Ballroom overlooking the beautiful city of Philadelphia to do our “bride and groom first glimpse”. And thanks also to those who prayed for good weather that day because as soon as we arrived at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to do our bridal party photos, the rain stopped.


Thanks again to the staff of the Four Points Hotel in Philadelphia City Center for letting us use the Penthouse on top of their hotel to shoot these gorgeous portraits of Karen in her wedding gown.


What you don’t see here is me lying on the ground to get this shot…something I would do for Karen…LOL


What a cute couple. Karen and Kevin, will you have a long lasting relationship, and will you have many babies to come…LOL


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Karen - And, we can't forget A BIG THANKS to our wonderful photographer for asking the hotel to use their Penthouse. You're the best! The thought never occurred to us about asking and we soooo appreciate you doing that for us.May 26, 2010 - 2:53 pm

BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Terrace On The Park Wedding in Queens, NY

Then we headed down to Queens, New York for Shonda and Deron’s wedding Terrace On The Park in Queens, NY. I love these series of images while a singer sings a very touching song for the bride and groom during the ceremony…

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BEST WEDDING PHOTOS OF 2010 – Hartefeld National Wedding in Avondale , PA

May is a big month for weddings for me. And Chip and Kristin’s Friday wedding was the start of a 3-day wedding weekend.

Here are my favorites from Kristin’s wedding:

Since they wanted to see each other before the wedding ceremony at Grace Methodist Church in Wilmington, I set up their “first glimpse” inside this magnificent church. It was so dramatic that Chip broke down into tears, as he sees Kristin in that gorgeous wedding dress for the first time.

And below are more images from the post I made the day after their wedding…ENJOY!

Bride and Groom: Kristin and Chip

Ceremony: Grace Methodist Church, Wilmington , DE

Reception: Hartefeld National, Avondale , PA

Kristin and Chip’s wedding was a blast. Thank God for an amazing weather on their wedding day on Friday. I was pretty impressed on how fast the bridal party moved…everything was on time. Everyone was relaxed as the bride prepares…


I love it when they do these dramatic exit of the bride and groom. The bubbles add up to the uniqueness of this image…


Chip loves beer…so it’s just right to have a groom’s cake with his own “Beer Brand”. (Thanks to Joe of BBS Phography for the help at the reception)

chip blog 5

Love the color of the bride’s maids’ dresses…


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