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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Congrats to Elisha and Alan! – a Jewish Orthodox wedding at The Palace

We are very excited to document the wedding of Elisha and Alan at The Palace in Brooklyn, NY. We met Elisha and Alan through one of our favorite brides- Caroline back in January. Since then, Caroline has been so nice to recommend us to all her friends and family.

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Congratulations to Nadia and Andrew! – a wedding at Hotel duPont

It’s going to be a BIG and FUN Italian wedding today when Nadia and Andrew tie the knot. I met the couple last year during the wedding of Andrew’s sister Jenn. Immediately after the wedding the good news of engagement between the two happens and I am very thankful to them for choosing me to document their wedding today.

We are very excited to see Andrew’s whole family’s going to be a fun wedding!

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Congrats to Lisa and Mark! – a wedding at The Prado at Balboa Park

Just literally came back from our European trip. It was a great short break after a busy first part of our wedding season. Now we start again the second part of the season with Lisa and Mark’s destination wedding at the beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

Check out Lisa and Mark’s engagement pictures we shot at San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs-

Can you spot the couple in this picture…

Love this couple…very relax but fun!

Gorgeous sunset over San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs.

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Destination – Republic of Tunisia

Our next stop for our adventure was at an interesting tiny Arab country that is believed to be the smallest country in North Africa called – Republic of Tunisia. It is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea including Italy and Malta to the north and east. I never thought I will be that close to Libya…Check out these images from my photographic adventure in Tunisia…

The sky turns orange as the sun rises over the beautiful city of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia….

The iconic Tunisian door has a very eye-catching decoration and colors. How I wish I have a bride and groom with me as I strolled and photographed this beautiful Arab town…

A gorgeous Mosque in the center of the city…

A woman walks along the alley of the medina (walled town) in Tunis…

Bottles of fragrance oil are displayed at a local store in the Tunisian medina. The exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices & deep wood notes produce similar ingredients of the popular fragrances of the modern world.

One will experience vendors that will haggle you to buy their products as one walks through the market in the medina…

And one of the best products of Tunisia is their uniquely hand made silk carpets…

Stores selling jewelries are also very popular in a Tunisian market….carpets and jewelries are a big attraction to tourists, who visit Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.

A beggar rests along the streets of Tunis as he waits for tourists to pass by.

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admin - Thanks Lisa! And can't wait for your wedding day!October 18, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Lisa - Wow Ron. What an amazing life you lead! Thanks for capturing it all and sharing it.October 17, 2013 - 4:57 pm

Destination – Valencia, Spain

I just want to share our current adventure to everyone as we take a short break after a hectic 1st part of our wedding season. We travel to Europe and are exploring a few of our favorite destinations photographically. First is Valencia, Spain - the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Valencia was founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC. The city is situated on the banks of the Turia, on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea.

While in Valencia we visited a few of the important historical land marks of the city. First is the Valencia Cathedral, the home to the mythical Holy Grail (believed to be the chalice where Jesus drank of during the last supper) for over 500 years.

We were very fortunate to have been able to hear Holy Mass inside the small chapel where the Holy Grail is displayed.

Roaming around Valencia, you see lots of street beggars particularly near the Cathedral.

Another interesting place we visited was Mercado Central de Valencia, which is considered to be the largest fresh food market in Europe, it dates back to 1928.

A vendor wheels in and deliver fresh fruits and vegetable during the early morning at Mercado Central de Valencia, Spain.

The hustle and bustle interaction among vendors and customers is pretty interesting to watch…

Another amazing place I photographed was Valencia’s Plaza de Toros (Bullring). Finished in 1861, Valencia’s bullring is a fascinating structure essentially based upon the structure of ancient theaters like Rome’s Colisseum. Too bad there was it was not a bullfighting season while I was there this week.

Valencia just like other big cities of Spain is very rich in history. And one of the remarkable remnant of its history is the Torres de Quarts, built in the 15th century. These two towers are part of the medieval defensive walls that guarded this city from conquerors. Until now you can still see the gaps in the walls that were caused by shelling of Napoleon’s army during the War of Independence.

And for it’s modern flavor, Valencia has the City of Arts and Sciences which was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, a native of Valencia and who is now one of the world’s hottest architects. He designed the Olympic sports complex in Athens. Just walking around and photographing this complex is such a rewarding experiencing…

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